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    a snake wearing a top hat and mustache that is all

    ah mr sneky,i see u r wering ur fance top

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    Don’t be upsetti, have some spaghetti

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    Found something I am in love with more than line arrays.

    Flying Amp Racks.

    God that is a mondo fucking huge rack of LA8s. 180,000 watts just chillin overhead nbd.

    Some L’Acoustics goodness. v-dosc, K1, K2, some ARCS sidefills, and flying LA8s. Lovely.

    Anyone know whose this rig is?

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    It’s all a matter of perspective. 

    Nice but serious lack of ratchet straps! Safety first, guys!!

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    sex would be out of this world


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  7. cathcartaudio said: Hey! Could I ask who you worked for as a System Tech on the Jeff Dunham gigs? I'm based in Glasgow and done a lot of work as local crew but have been trying to find a way in to a touring crew for a while?

    Hey! Sorry for taking forever to reply to you…(I hardly ever check my messages on here!!)
    I work for Brit Row and am just getting into being crew. The Jeff tour was a one off for us as it was only for the UK leg of the tour but it was a fab experience.
    I reckon the best way to tour is to get in with a hire company first as you get to be around the kit and crew. Local stuff is great too but you don’t get to choose who you work with.

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    i made some CDJ 2000 pixel art

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    I would hate to be the guy who had to patch that all in.

    Why would you hate that? A job is a job.
    Now being the guy who fucks patching them up, I’d hate to be him.

    Nothing worse than getting in to use gear that has been patched incorrectly. 

    There goes sound check…..


    no but seriously if I fucked up the patching on this I’d just walk away and never look back. 

    Spoilers: usually the racks have some sort of multi-channel I/O. Our analog racks use Tuchel (30pin) which I’m guessing not many people here have used or even seen before. The console side may or may not me multi-pair to a fanout, I’m guessing it just stays in the doghouse along with the snake tail and interconnect. They’re certainly not starting from scratch plugging in every single connection in the back at every show, that would be absurd.

    With all that being said, it would be hella cool to tour with an analog setup like this, but even Marc with Muse (this is his setup from a few years ago) has transitioned into a Pro2C for a sidecar and for the opening bands to use.

    It’s the other side of the multi you need to worry about when it comes to serious patching..trust me!

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    Amazing! Want!!

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    Tony Hawk needs to get on this cat’s level.

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  13. Haa!

  14. My First System Tech gig!

    A few from the Jeff Dunham - Disorderly Conduct Tour, April 2014

    Wembley Arena  

    Birmingham LG Arena

    Liverpool Echo Arena

    Glasgow Clyde Auditorium

    Main and Side Hangs:

    V-Dosc & DV-Dosc down fills.




    Arcs (side fills)

    DV-Dosc (lip fills)

    This was SO much fun!!

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    A little table to how to get rid of all that negative self-talk. We have to learn look at the good in situations too, instead of dwelling on things we can’t change- because you know what? We may not be able to change what is happening but we CAN change how we view it! 

    always reblog

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